Terms of Service

By utilizing our services which include but is not limited to the purchase of Virtual Goods from the "Garnet Gaming" community
you hereby agree to our terms of service located on this page. (https://store.garnetgaming.net/tos.php)

1. Our Services
Section A - 

Our services refer to the virtual store located at https://store.garnetgaming.net on the domain www.GarnetGaming.net. It exclusively pertains to the purchase of virtual items and should not be confused with any other service.

Section B - Virtual Goods
All purchases made through our virtual store involve the acquisition of non-tangible virtual items without any physical components. These virtual items may have a specified duration or availability/seasonal period.

Section C - Service Discontinuation
In the event of the discontinuation of our services, we do not provide refunds or compensation of any kind. This discontinuation does not entitle you to dispute or charge back your purchase of virtual goods.

Section D - Abuse and Misuse
We strictly prohibit any abuse or misuse of our services, including but not limited to:
Unauthorized access or tampering with our systems, website, or any part of our services.
Exploitation of vulnerabilities, bugs, or glitches for personal gain or disruption of services.
Impersonation of Garnet Gaming staff or any attempt to deceive or defraud other users.
Engaging in fraudulent activities, such as unauthorized transactions or unauthorized use of payment methods.
Any behavior that violates applicable list of server rules, or our community guidelines. (Racism, Homophobia, Doxing, Pedophilia)
Violation of this section may result in the immediate termination of your account and may be reported to the relevant authorities.

2. Your Account
Section A - Account Security
You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your account. In the event of any compromise to your account, you may lose access to your services.

Section B - Packakge transfers
All purchases made are binded to your account, we are not obligated to transfer any virtual goods to another account - even in the event of a full account compromise.

3. Purchases
Section A - Modifications
We reserve the right to modify virtual goods as our services change over time.
Such modifications may involve downgrading, upgrading, or entirely modyfying the virtual goods. By making a purchase, you acknowledge that virtual items may undergo changes as our evolving community makes adjustments.

Section B - Refunds and Disputes
Refunds for virtual items will not be granted under any circumstances. Our automated system ensures accurate delivery of the purchased items, and you will have multiple opportunities to verify your selected item before completing the purchase. Any attempt to request a refund, dispute a transaction, or initiate a chargeback via PayPal will result in the immediate restriction of your account until the matter is resolved through PayPal.
Section C - Item Descriptions
With the evolving nature of our services, we cannot guarantee that purchased items will arrive as described. If an item is received differently from its description, please contact our customer support for resolution.

4. Our Rights
Section A - Account Suspension
We reserve the right to suspend accounts associated with disputed or charged back purchases.

Section B - Modification of Terms
We may modify these Terms of Service at any time. It is your responsibility to regularly review the terms on this page.

Section C - Relationship with Garnet Gaming
These Terms of Service establish a direct relationship between yourself and Garnet Networks LLC.
No third-party involvement is implied or accepted.

Section D - Severability If any term of these Terms of Service is found to be unenforceable, it will not affect the enforceability of the remaining terms.